Some people are taking serious advantage of our March correct correct deals o! For example, this Benin City-based LG Fridge winner has been shocking us with his wins, especially since he joined Kobobid only this month. It’s not even a joke how amazing the way he has been winning is.

Granted, every win is a euphoric experience on Kobobid. You cannot deny the sheer thrill and joy you feel when you win the item, whether it happens on your very first auction or on your fourth, or the other times after that. It also doesn’t matter if it’s your first big-ticket item or you’ve lost count, your body will still sweet you. In the case of multiple big winner Yakubufundz, aka Sanni Yakubu, his latest win, the LG Single Door Refrigerator, is his biggest one.

Kobobid LG fridge winner - Yakubufundz - poses with Kobobid Team members

Multiple big winner Sanni poses with members of the Kobobid Team.

It’s safe to say Sanni has been winning big since the moment he signed up on the platform. His friend referred him to Kobobid to enjoy the daily deals we have, and he quickly became one of those to win on their first visit to the site. However, what’s so cool to note is that in the space of about a week of joining the platform, he won an iPhone, cash, Beats by Dre Studio Headphones, and now this refrigerator.

LG Fridge

Abeg, who else wants to be like Sanni when they grow up? Because we are in awe.

“I was so happy. Many people dragged [the LG Fridge] with me, but I was glad I won.” And who wouldn’t be glad? Sanni has now added a really cool and compact fridge to his #KobobidKollection of his favourite items gotten at incredibly low prices. Also according to him, this win is his biggest one.

Now, we don’t know if Sanni is judging the magnitude of his wins by size rather than their retail value – seeing as an iPhone was the very first thing he won – or by how much he personally needed the items at the time he won them. All we know is that we’re truly happy he’s still as happy to win on Kobobid as he was the first time around.

Right now, he can’t wait to use our ongoing Share Your Win campaign to let everyone know that he’s one of our proud, big winners.

If you’re wondering what that is, the Share Your Win campaign gives you free bids if you show off your win on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Photos get you five bids, and videos get you 10 bids per platform! Just make sure we can see the Kobobid logo in the image, you’re following @kobobid, and you tag us when you post. For cash/airtime, share a screenshot, blurring out all sensitive information, except the sender’s name which is us.

So, for all the winners that know what’s up, you know we’re always thinking of ways you can win more. Don’t sleep on this promo.

Well done o, Sanni. We’re almost certain you’ve only just begun your legacy of many wins on Kobobid. We’ll be seeing you around.

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