Scrolling through our winners page on Kobobid, you’ll quickly notice that username lovemide isn’t new to winning. Before her big Samsung 49” 4K UHD Smart TV one on this special day, she had won quite a few items already on the site;

  • Cash
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds
  • Burberry perfume

She was already on our elite list of ‘multiple winners’. However, this particular win was stunning for a couple of reasons, both for her and for us.

Kobobid Winner Lovemide receives her Samsung TV

Olamide Akanni poses with her win from Kobobid – A 49″ Samsung Smart TV.

Olamide Akanni, a.k.a lovemide, learnt about Kobobid after she saw comedian Taaooma’s skit on Instagram, and decided she was going to join the platform and see what happens. A number of wins later, and she knew she had found her new love – Bidding. Lol. 

Not too long after she joined, the tv was up for auction. Olamide wanted to win it as soon as she saw it. She went ahead to buy N25,000 worth of bids to get ready for the day. She had faith that she was going to win, and she was determined to do so. Yet, when bidding started, it seemed like her plans were not enough. Apparently, a lot of users like her on the site had come with a similar purpose to be the winner of the coveted Samsung TV that day. 

As the auction wore on and her bids depleted, she started to lose hope. Perhaps the tv wasn’t meant for her after all. Well, she had come this far, and she was going to see it to the very last bid. So, she made her final bid on the Samsung 49” 4K UHD Smart TV.

That last bid was the bid that won the game. Olamide could not believe it! She won with exactly 250 bids, paying only N25,019.69 for a TV worth N299,000. Her excitement was unmatched. Except maybe by ours. It was such an amazing thing to witness!!

Winner, Lovemide's Samsung Curved UHD TV from Kobobid

In response to how she felt about her win, Olamide stated that she doesn’t think she can stop bidding, because the feeling she gets when she wins makes her happy. 

We get it, Lovemide. We totally do. Congratulations again.

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