This couple proved that winning on Kobobid can certainly be a family affair. They both signed up to take part in the enjoyment of correct correct deals on the site, and have been bidding on items they like ever since, including the Asus Mini E210m laptop that Atimama’s husband went on to win on her behalf.

Atimama's husband poses with his wife's Asus Mini laptop

Atimama’s husband poses with his wife’s Asus Mini laptop

Most of us know the struggle with a laptop that is either outdated or no longer functioning as it used to. That is if it was ever in top shape, in the first place even. It’s not pleasant at all. What you would ordinarily have achieved in one minute would take you several years to complete. You will even lose inspiration as you’re battling with the laptop. Honestly. 

Thus, when Atimama started to experience her own laptop wahala, she decided it was time to get a new one. Especially because no one wants to go on and add the stress that trying to fix a broken laptop comes with. That one is a special kind of stress.

In order to avoid all manners of stress and wahalas, Atimama asked her husband for a brand new laptop. But, because the man is now also a sharp guy – thanks to Kobobid – he promised her he would win her one, rather than purchase it from a store. Of course she concurred. Winning on Kobobid is the move for the quick and the sharp.

The first time he saw a laptop was up for auction, Mr Atilola was ready. He rolled up his sleeves and went for it with everything. Alas, the first time was not the charm for him. 

Because he is a wonderful husband, however, he did not give up – His wife needed a new laptop and he was going to get it for her.

Soon after, another opportunity arose in the form of the Asus laptop auction, and Atimama’s husband squared up once again for the bidding battle that he would enter into, if he were to win. The rest, they say, is history. 

Asus Laptop

It took only two tries bidding on Kobobid for the couple to get a much needed, brand new laptop for a fraction of its actual cost. They are still smiling about how much they saved on that item.

To quickly remind you, you always get the best discounts on for the best products anywhere. Our winners continue to testify about this particular benefit after they themselves experience it first-hand, and you can only get it on Kobobid. 

See even couples expanding their chances by putting everyone on! Sign up now o, let it not be said that we did not remind you.

By the way, congratulations, guys. We too we go love o.

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