We stay making believers out of bidders on Kobobid, and we can tell you right away that it’s such a great feeling! Although, sometimes we truly wonder if how we feel about that can be compared to how a lot of the winners we’ve met feel about their win. In this instance, we’re still blushing over the excitement that Titilayo Longe aka Tlonge displayed when we went to deliver her Hisense Split AC (1.5 HP) to her.

Tlonge poses with her Hisense Split 1.5HP AC win.

Seeing is believing, and big winner longe can testify that we deliver on our promise!

Tlonge was browsing through Facebook one fine day, admiring pictures of her friends and family and laughing at funny videos when she came across our amazing offers on Kobobid. She stopped to give it a look, was delighted by what she saw, and then proceeded to sign up.

Like some of our big winners on the platform, Tlonge had tried her luck on a couple of auctions which she didn’t end up winning. But of course, those outcomes did not discourage her at all. The fact that it was people like her that won the items she had her eyes on was all the reason she needed to try again another time. She was confident that soon enough, her name would be on the list. No shaking. 

Then, the Hisense split AC came up for auction. Tlonge had wanted an Air Conditioner for a little while now, and once again she thought that this was her chance. She added the home appliance to her Watchlist and started counting down the time until bidding commenced.

We can imagine the feeling when you’re waiting for an auction you’re particularly interested in to start. You’re both anxious and excited. You’re wondering if anyone else is waiting like you. You’re probably even praying that no one else saw the item on the site, even though it is the Deal of the Day and you cannot exactly miss it. Do they even really need it? They should leave it for you nau, how interested can they even really be?

Well, when the bidding wars started, it turned out others were also quite interested, as usual. But Tlonge was not daunted. She stayed focused and sharp, and I’m sure we all know how that particular auction turned out.

Of course, she couldn’t believe it. She had been seeing and hearing about winning on Kobobid, waiting for her turn before she became fully convinced. Yet, her turn had come and Tlonge was still sceptical. She thought maybe it was an error, or maybe it wasn’t a valid win, and so forth. We get it though – our deals were in fact made to shock you. But, in a good way. So, no surprises there.

It wasn’t until the delivery day when she saw her air conditioner that she fully accepted what had occurred; she was the owner of a brand new 1.5 HP Hisense split AC worth N117,100 for only N31,805.86. That just happened.

Tlonge winner item breakdown

On our part, we were filled with pride and joy as always that yet another winner is full of smiles because they discovered Kobobid. 

Plenty, many congratulations, Titilayo. Cooldown and enjoy your Air Conditioner well well.

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