What do you do when you win a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G smartphone with only N400? First of all, you probably scream at the top of your voice, then jump up and down. Then, you tell everyone you know and then some others. The last is certainly what Alexander Anene, aka, lexis on Kobobid did when he won.

Winner, Lexis smiles happily as he poses with his Samsung S20 win from Kobobid.

Alexander also saw Taaooma’s Instagram video about Kobobid and figured he’d give us a try. So, of course, like most sharp guys, he signed up to see if he could also win a phone of his choice for himself. As you can see, it was one of the best decisions he made. 

A few days had barely passed before the Samsung phone he won was up for auction. Alexander bought his BidPack and got ready. My people, all it took him was 4 bids to win the phone he wanted that day. Only 4 bids o. In short, the way these our big winners keep breaking records on Kobobid, ehn. It’s truly wonderful.  

Lexis winner breakdown - Samsung S20

To claim his win, Alexander paid N442.40 for a Samsung Galaxy S20. That is, four hundred forty-two naira, and forty kobo. (Yes, we count all the kobos over here. They’re important to us o).  

His excitement was so real that he couldn’t wait to start telling everyone about Kobobid. As usual, we couldn’t stop smiling. We must admit, seeing winners makes us so emotional and also inspires us to continue to put more and more correct correct deals at your fingertips.

When are you going to join our winners list? Every day you’ll be searching for the price of home appliances you need, such as high quality refrigerators and 55 inch televisions, or gadgets you love like Samsung phones, Airpods Pro, iPhones and much more from top brands, as well as where you can buy them in Nigeria. You also keep looking for where you can buy them cheap or with a huge discount.

We’re here o. We heard the call and we answered, because enjoyment is our middle name. Sign up on now now and search no more. It’s all-day deals, all-year round. Big winners such as Alexander can testify.

We hope you’re taking those amazing pictures and just generally enjoying your phone, Alexander. Congratulations, once more!!

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