Kobobid big winner, Ojo_Ore’s brother is now a proud owner of a Sony PlayStation 5 because she promised to get him one if he passed his exams at school. We think you can guess what happens next – Who would they promise a free PS5 that they’ve been pining for that would not pass their exams in this case?

Ojo Ore celebrates her PS5 win

Big winner, Ojo Ore celebrates her PS5 win.

After her brother held up his own part of the deal, it was then time for big sister Ojo Ore to hold hers. However, the marketplace had another plan in store for her. She searched for various sources to buy the game console to present to her brother for a job well done to no avail. In some cases, they no longer had it in stock, and in order cases the price of the console had doubled.

What was she going to do? What example would she be setting for her younger brother if she failed to follow through, after incentivising him to do well at school? She had to get him the Sony Playstation 5 she promised, she just didn’t know how.

Of course, she finally realised that she had not been looking in the best place possible for her brother’s gift, all along.

It is not a rumour or a secret that you can bid for a range of incredible items on and win them for super low prices. So, fresh out of other options, Ojo_Ore decided to try her luck with Kobobid. Her integrity as a big sister depended on it, for goodness sake.

Fortunately for her, we were putting it up for auction around that time. She quickly added it to her Watchlist. She felt she was getting closer, although the next step was then how to be the last woman standing when the clock ran out. Surely there were many others who had also put the Sony Playstation 5 on their Watchlists, whether for themselves or for a loved one.

Anyway, she moved!

She got the biggest BidPack you can get on Kobobid, N100,000 (1,000 bids), and prepared herself for the final step. No, not bidding. Winning.

234 bids later (N23,400), the confetti burst for her. She had won the Sony Playstation 5 for her darling brother. She was ecstatic.

PS5 winner, Ojo Ore dancing for joy.

When we learnt of what motivated her to win the PlayStation, we were also excited on her behalf. You have to keep that big sister street cred up, please.

Although, isn’t it amazing how much you can save when you bid on Kobobid for the items you want or need? You too, do the calculations of how much she ended up spending on the latest console in the PlayStation series versus how much it actually cost to buy it. Winning is the way o. Try it for yourself and see. It takes only a few seconds to get started.

Sony Playstation 5


A big congratulations once again to Ojo_ore. Seeing her dance with joy made our day, and we’re sure her brother is enjoying his gift.

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