Femi is preparing for a date today. His friend hooked him up with Lara some days ago, and out of boredom, he played along. However, after some small talk with her, he becomes genuinely curious and interested in who Lara is and what she thinks about certain topics. Two hours before the date, he decides to go through Lara’s Twitter timeline. His heart rate begins to drop. She is responding to those question threads that make the rounds now and then.

Question: What’s your love language?
Lara: Money

Femi starts to feel dizzy. Valentine’s Day is approaching. He considers his income from his business versus the impact COVID-19 has also had on it. Visions of expensive gifts currently making the rounds on social media such as iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy s20, and bone-straight wigs flash through his mind. He concludes she’s out of his league and hurriedly composes a cancellation message.
He then proceeds to also text his friend and update him on the situation with Lara…

Friend: So what? You don’t have to spend plenty money for Valentine’s gift nau. Just work within your budget.

What budget? Combine the usual expectations surrounding Valentine’s Day with the current state of the economy, and it’s perfectly understandable to think of faking your death as long as it means you’ll avoid spending money to maintain a relationship.
That is, however, a relationship that is based on material connections.
Because, while money is important, it should not define a relationship. Intentions are crucial and are what matter when it comes to expressing your feelings towards the current or potential special people in your life. Hence, our three simple reasons below why you cannot love on a budget.

Reason 1: It may not be love if money is the only focus

Crazy, right? Not really. If you like someone (and they like you back) your focus tends to shift from what one person can do for the other financially, to how you can add value to each other’s lives in other ways. Connections based on money do exist. But, they should clearly not be mistaken for love.

Reason 2: Love is actually ‘expensive’

It takes a lot to maintain the relationships you care about. Even with your friends. Because we imagine you also love your friends. Loving someone is not a walk in the park. You have to nurture, and care, and be available, and so forth. So, how can you love someone on a budget when you have to give them so much of yourself?

Reason 3: Thoughts don’t cost that much – You can also have inexpensive options

Whether you have a lot of disposable income or not, if you approach relationships from a place where you are deliberate in your actions towards them, you will see the amazing results. It could even be a pack of biscuits you buy them. But because it happened to be their favourite biscuit that you got on a random trip that had nothing to do with them, you’ve accomplished two things; you’ve shown them that you think about them, even when it comes to the littlest things, and then you got them a pack of biscuits they love.
It could also be that you heard that an item they’ve been eyeing for some time now is on auction on, and you go-ahead to bid for it. You may or may not win, but the effort would certainly be appreciated. In the case that you do not win, you can always still buy them that same item for a ridiculously discounted price.
In conclusion, money is fantastic ammunition in the fight for love, granted. Still – as we’ve just talked about – it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a lot of it. There are other ways that you can show people you love them.
This entire month of February and beyond, remember that it is possible to save your pocket and your precious relationships at the same time.
Stay lovely and safe.

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