YAAAAAAAY! We are happy to announce Kobobid has reached our 10000th Winners milestone. This is just after 6 months since we first went live. Kobobid has become the leading and only penny auction site in Nigeria for all items such as Electronics, household items, Phones, and Laptops for discounted prices that meet your needs. 

Big congratulations to the lucky 10000th winner, username Papie as he clinched 20000 Naira cash prizes with 200 Free bids. Congratulations as well to our other winners Nifesimi, Pinkky and Joungking for winning 15000 Naira cash prizes with 150 free bids, 10000 with 100 free bids, and 5000 with 50 free bids respectively.  

If we can make 10000 people smile with the opportunity to pay less and save more on quality items, what are you waiting for? Join the bidding war Now! 

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