The result of the anticipation is here! Now the real excitement begins. is live1 and ready with correct-correct deals and offers on only the best items anywhere in the world. You and your friends are 18 years and over? You can register and start to bid. The bidding process is quick, fun, and rewarding once you get the hang of it.

“How do you bid then?” we guess is the next question. We promise it’s a breeze. The video below is only one minute long and has all the information you need in one sitting to learn how to get started on 


Simple and easy, isn’t it?

If you’re currently on the move and can’t watch the video right away, we’ve got you. Just keep reading as we’ve also broken down the steps for you:

  • Step 1 – Register to get in on the action. When you sign up to, it gives you instant and uninterrupted access to numerous hot deals for all kobo auctions across the site in seconds. 


  • Step 2 – Buy a BidPack. On Kobobid, a BidPack is your bidding power. You cannot participate in kobo auctions and stand a chance to win your favourite top-quality, discounted items without one. You can get one here on the move.   


  • Step 3 – Choose your item. Check out our available auctions. There are tons of amazing items to choose from. You can also search the categories to choose what you would like to bid on. As you browse and make up your mind, add items to your Watchlist. This helps you stay ahead of auctions by notifying you when your favourite items are going live.


  • Step 4 – Click “bid now” to start bidding. Once an auction is live just click on “bid now” and watch the timer. That’s it. If you’re the last person to bid when the clock reaches 00:00:00, you win the item.


  • Step 5 – Claim your win. This is arguably the most exciting part. Follow the instructions provided to you to claim your win. Or, if you didn’t win this one, “Buy It Now” and have it delivered to you. Then, sit back, relax and await your package delivery.

Well, it looks like you’re ready to win your first auction because that is all it takes to join the long list of winners on 

There are other really cool and helpful features that help you get the most out of bidding on auctions you probably should also go and check out here. Get going, our incredible items aren’t going to win themselves. 

All the best. Remember to stay safe and wash your hands frequently. 


1 link to ‘Kobobid is live’ article.

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